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Custom Face Posing Tool for Motionbuilder Full Documentation (PDF) found here  Features: Works with or without Native Characters. Supports Scenes with Multiple Characters. Quick Selection Access to Control Categories of the Face. Key Control Access: Set Key & Zero Key to All Face Controls or Selection. Return to Neutral Pose for all or only selected […]

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Growing pains

April 12, 2010


With more content being added to the showcase, I needed to make a few improvements to the Content Viewer for all assets and navigation to function correctly. Added fullscreen option (all thumbnail menus are hidden whem enable) Added back and forward commands to the player controls. (bottom menu) Video centers and scales regardless of FLV ratio. Fixed […]

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DCS revisited (AS3)

September 29, 2008

…with new showcase content. I’ll be updating and adding more content shortly. Clean up is needed where I used misc pics and vids as placeholders during setup, but the viewer/app’s main functionality is there. (Note: player is currently viewed at reduced res to fit site format.) click here to view standard size player

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Project Stealth Game

Everything you wanted to know about Project Stealth is listed in the July edition of PCGamer UK. One full page covers the basic type of gameplay and gives an overall impression of our mod… full article here along with other info and sneak peaks from Project Stealth dev members, such as this video posted by Mr.Mic, explaining the mechanics behind EMF Vision mode and shaders to achieve these ingame effects. 

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Dynamic Character Study

January 5, 2007

Below is an example of the character study, as previously mentioned… Note: resolution modified to fit site format. Click here to view the original resolution and intented format.

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