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bye bye blogger…

March 13, 2010


hello WordPress… I’m making the switch from Blogger to WordPress, as many are doing. Of course this takes a little setup time :-\ So, thanks for bearing with me. If you run into any errors or strange formatting you can also view the old Cybergrub page on blogger at the link provided. ← link to Cybergrub […]

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Woohoo! …wheels

October 1, 2009


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Unreal3 & Austin GDC

September 6, 2007

Forums for W.L.Jenkins are up and now open to the public. As production continues you can expect to see more art assets presented by members of the development team. Who or what is W.L.Jenkins? you might ask. It’s a horror mod developed on the Unreal 3 engine. Check out the W.L.Jenkins Homepage for more info […]

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Only a month away… September 5-7, 2007 Austin Convention Center Austin, Texas PASSES & PRICES < for full details Full 3 day pass $295 – $645 Career Seminar Pass [Friday] $99 GDC EXPO Pass [Thurs – Fri] $49 From austinGDC.net: The goal of the Austin Game Developers Conference is to inspire game industry folks to […]

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New Site

January 19, 2007

Welcome to the new site…You’re looking at it. 😉 It’s still under development, so expect to run across a few broke links or empty pages until I get the kinks worked out and everything finished up. I still plan to finish the creation of the dynmaically driven character study section (showcasing character animation loops via […]

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…I even relocated,for the year of the Red Pig. Updates for the new portfolio will be including some of my more recent works and contributions.The metamorphosis of “Scuro”, a previous character of mine, involves various improvements on the technical, physical / geometrical setup and appearance of the model, to reflect the depth and evolution undergone […]

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